Scorpions in Popular Culture

Scorpions in Popular Culture

Scorpions in Popular Culture

There are many occurrences of the Scorpion in our popular culture. They Scorpio is one of the constellations that make up the Zodiac. In South Asia this is a type of cultural animal that is often found in the art of the Islamic religion. They do view it as a protective force that can help to save them from evil.

Ironically, in many other cultures the Scorpion is a symbol of death and of evil. There are many places where the medicine from this creature is taken and used to help people get better from various illnesses. The Egyptians thought that the Scorpion was a type of god that was in place to help protect royalty.

The Chinese culture has been well known to use Scorpions to enjoy a variety of dishes. They often put them on skewers along with various fruits and vegetables. This is said to be a wonderful delicacy and there are many recipes for how to prepare the Scorpion for such a meal. They also offer this as a menu option in several authentic Chinese food restaurants.

The famous rock band the Scorpions emerged in 1965 and continue to be one of the most influential today. They still tour all over the world and have many top hits that are heard regularly on the radio. Their latest album called Sting in the Tail was released in 2010.

For some reason the Scorpion seems to be one of the most popular tattoos that people get. These individuals may be from all types of backgrounds too. It can have different meanings for different individuals. The Scorpion may be alone or as part of an overall design.

The Scorpion is a very popular character in the video game Mortal Combat. This game has been around since the early 90’s and you will find many versions of it. Many of them are for the home gaming consoles so you can play it as often as you like.

In the movie Clash of the Titans from 1978 there are huge Scorpions that try to prevent Perseus from getting his goal accomplished. The movie was recently remade and that scene with the Scorpion battle is still a huge part of the action in the movie.

“The Rock” played a very powerful warrior in the movie The Scorpion King. It was released in 2002 but the setting is the early Egyptian times. It is a movie packed with action, legends, and stories that you may have heard in one version or another.

In 2008 a hydrogen gasoline fuel sports car was introduced called the Scorpion. However, the high cost of it – more than $120,000 and the lack of promotion for it make it one that there are only a handful of in the world.

Scorpion is also a brand of motorcycle helmet. They are made for a tough and rugged look but also have a very good safety rating. There is also the Scorpion Strike apparel that can be used to ride safely and to look very nice while you are enjoying a motorcycle or a dirt bike.

There is a tire made by Pirelli called the Scorpion. It has deep treads and it is made for pickups and SUV. They are approximately $190 each! That may seem like a great deal but when it comes to the safety of everyone in your vehicle you can’t put a value like that aside.

Scorpion Defense offers stun guns and other similar products. These are designed to help people get out of a dangerous situation. While they don’t use actual venom they certainly will make someone think twice about their actions!