Scorpions and Humans

Scorpions and Humans

Relation Between Scorpions and Humans

There is certainly no love lost between humans and Scorpions. Even though some early cultures including the Egyptians fully embraced them they seem to have a very poor reputation out there. Most people get a panicked look when they think about seeing a Scorpion in their home or other setting up close and personal.

Throughout time this living entity has had a terrible reputation for being very aggressive. Studies show that they do sting but that they don’t do so out of aggression. They will sting though as a means of keeping themselves safe. When they come into contact with humans it is going to a surprise on both ends.

Mexico seems to be one of the main locations where humans are worried about Scorpions. The species found living around this area are said to be the most venomous. It is estimated that 1,000 people die annually in Mexico from Scorpion stings. The government there has been trying to find a solution but with the harsh living conditions it has been difficult.

You can take steps to help reduce the chances of Scorpions ending up in your home. Don’t leave piles of rocks in your yard. Check wood carefully that you have outdoors before you bring it in. Place lighting outdoors around your home to keep them from coming in since they are sensitive to light.

The use of weather-stripping around entryways can also help to reduce the problems you will have with Scorpions. The use of pesticides is really ineffective on them. They have a very strong immunity to it. If you have a serious problem with them and can’t take care of it on your own you should call a professional exterminator.

Studies indicate that one of the most common places where you may find a Scorpion in your home is in your shoes. This is due to them looking for a very warm place. It is a good idea to get into the habit of shaking your shoes before you put them on!

Due to the danger of them you need to pay attention to any symptoms that could indicate a sting. There is going to a be a great deal of pain but the Scorpion may run off and you won’t know what the sting is from. If the area turns red, swells up, you have trouble breathing, or anything else seems out of the ordinary you need to take action.

If possible take the Scorpion with you to the hospital. This will allow the right anti venom to be given. If you can’t take it without you though try to explain the look of the critter to help narrow it down.

Some humans keep Scorpions as pets. They love the idea of having something very exotic and even a bit dangerous around. However, they can quickly get out of their environment and be a risk to anyone around. In some locations it is illegal to keep them but people continue to do so anyway. It is extremely hard to enforce such laws.

The children and the elderly are the most vulnerable to stings from Scorpions. The venom seems to affect them very fast. Even species of Scorpions that produce a weak amount of venom can be dangerous. This is because some people will have an allergic reaction to the venom.