Scorpion Venom Research

Scorpion Venom Research

Scorpion Venom in Human Medicine

The process of Scorpion venom research has been taking place for decades. There are studies that show the venom from these arachnids could help to increase the chances of heart transplants being successful instead of failing. This type of treatment could be given as an injection to prevent cells from growing that would create complications around the heart.

A type of chemical has been created using Scorpion venom to assist with the immune system. Many believe that it is possible that at some point Lupus and even Rheumatoid Arthritis could be cured. The benefit of such a chemical allows the body to stop attacking itself. At this point there doesn’t seem to be any known side effects caused by such treatment. However, further research about the long term benefits or problems has to be looked into.

There are some studies that include looking at the use of Scorpion venom as a means of preventing cancer cells from passing. However, this is still in the very early stages. Being able to collect enough venom from Scorpions can be a very time consuming process. It can also be dangerous for the scientists due to the nature of these living creatures.

Pain killer medications are necessary for an array of things in our society. Some forms of research include the use of Scorpion venom for that type of medication. Plus, there doesn’t seem to be any risk of the patient becoming addicted to the medications this way. However, there is still plenty that has to be done in this type of research. The fact that only enough venom to compare to a drop of water would have to be used is also very encouraging.

Pesticides can be very harmful to the environment. Yet we have to find the balance about where the different types of venoms are and how to use them to offer something powerful but less damaging. There is plenty of evidence though to believe this type of pesticide could help to protect agricultural products from an array of insects.

Scorpion Venom Research Facts

Venom scorpion in Human Medicine

Those insects do millions of dollars of damage annually to the foods that are being grown. There is no indication that any environmentally problems from the use of Scorpion venom is going to harm humans or the positive insects out there. It is a game of identifying the right venom though and isolating when and where it will be used.

Of course Scorpion venom research has also been in place to help determine successful anti venom for the different species. The goal is to make sure patients can get the correct treatment for their given environment. Many facilities continue to have a stock of such anti venom for the known species of Scorpions that are found to live in their area.

One of the problems with Scorpion venom research is getting the green light to move forward with it. The funding can be very difficult to obtain as many programs see better alternatives for the money they have to donate.

The other problem is that legally you really can’t be testing the results of Scorpion venom research on humans. For the most part mice are used to determine how the effects are going to take place.

Perhaps the various positive elements though that could stem from the use of Scorpion venom could help people to appreciate them more and more. These arachnids have a very poor accepted rate in society. That could all change though by showing just how much they may be able to help society as a whole.