Scorpion Predators

Scorpion Predators

Scorpion Natural Threats

There are quite a few different types of predators out there that feed upon the Scorpion. What they have to worry about though depends on the location and the other food resources. Rodents such as mice and rats will feed on them if they get the opportunity. What is interesting though is that some species of Scorpions also dine on them!

When they live in the desert they often have to worry about snakes and lizards. However, those that live closer to the water are the  ones that have to worry about rodents and birds hunting them. The size of the species also affects what will be coming after them too. The larger ones tend to have fewer predators to worry about.

Centipedes tend to be found in the same types of environments as the Scorpion. There doesn’t seem to be any harmony between the two types of living creatures either. Birds are also a common predator. They have the ability to see very well and they are fast moving. Before a Scorpion really even knows that occurred they can be consumed by a bird.

Scorpions are known to be cannibals too so they will eat each other. The females often do this to the males after they have taken part in mating. They don’t always eat each other but will if they lack food or if they feel their territory is being threatened.

In many locations bats will feed on Scorpions too. They are also active at night and thrive in many of the same living conditions. Various forms of parasites also result in the death of Scorpions in many different locations.

Scorpion predator facts

Owl – Natural predator

Humans are certainly a big predator of the Scorpion. In some locations such as China they are a big part of the food creation process. Skewers of them mixed with various fruits and vegetables is seen as a delightful dish in many areas. Of course it would take quite a few of them to be able to offer enough of this dish.

Due to the fact that most humans are absolutely not willing to put up with them is why they are being destroyed. First, they often upset the natural habitat such as when they are taking part in construction efforts.

When they do spot the Scorpion they are doing all they can to exterminate them. They may use pesticides or call in the professionals to take care of them. These chemicals are very dangerous though and they rarely work. In fact, humans are creating a worse living condition for themselves by using them.

Many people will simply kill them by stomping on them. No questions asked to see what it is or what it may need. They don’t like them, they get nervous over the thought of being stung, and they don’t want their children to be stung either.

There are humans that capture the Scorpion to have as a very unique type of pet. They love the thrill of something so dangerous and exotic. For many it is a symbol to show others that they like to live life on the edge.

Today there are many research efforts that involve the venom of the Scorpion. They include anti venom, pain medication, cancer treatment, and more. Scorpions may be collected into order to use their venom for such testing to commence.

In spite of the natural predators and the efforts of humans though the Scorpion continues to thrive. There are more than 1,700 known species of them and at this point in time none of them are considered at risk for numbers of the population being too low.