Scorpion Habitat

Scorpion Habitat

Scorpion Habitat and Distribution

There are Scorpions found all over the world with the exception of Antarctica. In many locations they were taken there by humans. However, their adaptability has allowed them to thrive in such places. It is also believed that they may have ended up in cargo and then started to populate at those destinations.

Scorpions tend to live in the ground but they are also going to be found living in the trees. They love to hide in the sand and they enjoy staying under the rocks. They are very sensitive to the light so they need an environment that allows them to hide from it during the day.

They tend to live in areas that are from 68 degrees to 99 degrees Fahrenheit. However, some species can live where the temperatures are very extreme. This can be the freezing areas as well as the hottest of deserts. They need to be able to dig a burrow so that they can find some warmth.

They do need soil to be able to survive though. They need to be able to burrow under the ground. If there is permafrost then they won’t be able to get below and they are going to die. The desert regions are said to be the place where more Scorpions live than any other environment.

Scorpion distribution facts

Scorpion in their natural habitat

One of the common reasons that people start to see Scorpions around their home has to do with construction sites. They are tilling up the soil and upsetting many of the dwellings where they live. Should there be construction taking place around your home you will find that there is an increased risk of them so you should take precautions.

Many people assume that the Scorpion lives around bodies of water so that they can drink. They can go for a year without a drop of water. What little water they do need can come from their prey.

The reason that they do live close to canals and other small bodies of water is due to the fact that their common prey lives in those areas. They can find an abundance of food in such a habitat location. This is a key part of them being able to move around and to find new habitats though. As the location of food moves so will they.

The Scorpion seems to do quite well in captivity. Many people think it is really fun to have a pet that is so dangerous. However, you also have the risk of them getting out of their confinement and being around your home. It is never wise to handle a Scorpion. If you have children in the home you should avoid them being kept as pets as the risk of a bite is too dangerous for the little ones.

Any locations that seem to have an abundance of insects seems to be a common habitat for the Scorpion. Even though they don’t have to feed daily they do strive to do so. They also try to eat very heavily every couple of weeks. In order to do this they have to be in an environment that allows them to have every opportunity to do so.