Scorpion Feeding

Scorpion Feeding

Scorpion Eating Habits

The Scorpion is nocturnal which means that they will feed at night. They aren’t going to just stand there and hope food comes along though. They are very aggressive when it comes to searching for food. They will listen for vibrations around them and then strike with what they hear.

They are known to go into the living areas of insects, rodents, and more in order to find them and to consume them.

Many species of Scorpions make a burrow and they will go use the element of surprise to be able to attack. This is a way to get the prey when they are very vulnerable and have no defenses in place.

Some people have seen Scorpions out during the day though. This is often due to rainy weather. They can be seen out during the day for several days after it has rained in order for them to be able to get the most access to insects.

Heavy feeding is very common every couple of weeks for the Scorpion. When they have very little food their metabolism slows their body down to almost nothing. While this does help them to conserve energy it makes them more vulnerable to predators. They won’t have the fast movement that could save them when they are eating plentiful.

When it comes to feeding the Scorpion is going to take when what they can get. Insects make up the biggest part of their overall diet. However, the larger species have been known to consume lizards as well as rodents. Ironically, rodents are one of the predators of the Scorpion too in many habitats.

The pinchers of the Scorpion are very sensitive. When they feel something they will pinch around it and crush it. At the same time they will inject it with venom. The prey will be paralyzed and then killed through such a process. The venom comes from the stinger which is located at the end of the tail.

They have a unique method of eating. They have claw structures that come out of the mouth. This is very different from other arthropods. They are very sharp and they are used to bring food into the mouth to be digested. This can be a very slow and time consuming process.

They have to consume only liquids and no solids. This is accomplished by the venom they inject changing the internal elements of prey into a liquid. Then it can be sucked out of the body by the Scorpion. Depending on the size this can take a very long time. They are patient when it comes to feeding though.

They can consume an unlimited amount of food when it is readily available. They have the ability to store large amounts of food too in their bodies. They have a low metabolism and they don’t move much so they conserve a great amount of energy.

Studies have confirmed some species of Scorpions are able to live a full year without any food or water. These creatures live alone and they are cannibalistic too. In order to defend their environment they will kill each other and consume the dead. It is a natural means of making sure they keep their habitat from becoming overpopulated.

They do drink water from time to time. However, they are mainly found to get all the water they need for survival due to their diet. They can get enough water from the liquid they take in when they eat.