Scorpion Evolution

Scorpion Evolution

Scorpion Fossils

It is believed that the Scorpion is more than 430 million years old. This is based on the findings of preserved fossils. The fact that these living creatures are often going to stay under rock has helped to fully preserve them. This has made studying them very exciting.

So far 111 species of fossil remains for the Scorpion have been found. This is information to tell experts that these creatures have been highly adaptable for millions of years. Even though the environment is very different today than it was back then they have been able to change to continue to thrive.

One of the significant differences that have been identified though is that the Scorpion used to have gills instead of book lungs. That means they used to be able to live in the bodies of water. It isn’t fully understood though if they only lived in water or both in the water and on land.

The sea scorpions were so large and heavy as a human! With many of us being terrified of them now, imagine if you had seen them back then. It is possible that evolution was necessary due to the chances in the food chain in the bodies of water.

It is believed though that they were aqua creatures millions of years ago. What occurred that resulted in them moving into the land to be able to survive? There are many wonderful theories but so far we don’t have enough information to determine for sure what actually took place.

The Water Scorpion is believed to be the one that they all branched out from. It is believed that about 340 million years ago those that were land only were identified. This is all based on the fossil remains and the technology we have to date them.

The largest Scorpion found from such time periods was 8 feet long. It is amazing to think that these very small elements – now the biggest being 7.8 inches – were once that big. What occurred that resulted in them dramatically becoming smaller?

First, it would have allowed them the ability to hide from predators. It also helped them to chance the way that they hunted. They didn’t need to have nearly as much food at a smaller size. In fact, the ability to slow down their metabolism to almost nothing is most likely to be a characteristic directly related to the Scorpion evolution process.

The fact that evolution has allowed the various Scorpion species to be highly adaptable is very important. Without that being in place there is a very good chance they would have died out long ago. Many people view them as slow and dangerous. However, when you take a look at it from a scientific point of view you quickly see that they are phenomenal.

Many experts still look under rocks and other locations when they are out on expeditions. They believe there is more information out there waiting to be found. They hope to be able to use those clues as a way of creating a road map for the evolution process of the Scorpion.

There is still plenty that remains a mystery when it comes to Scorpion evolution. It can be very exciting to take a close look at all of the various facts. Then you can also look at the many theories to see what your own thoughts are on the entire subject. Only time will tell though if we find enough information or if technology advances enough for us to get the full story with 100% accuracy.